Brisbane Party Hire - Glasses, etc
Balloons Latex

Beer Conical  285mlBeer Conical 285ml
Height: 130mm
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Pilsener 285mlPilsener 285ml
Height: 165mm
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Wine Glass  210ml Wine Glass 210ml
Height:? 148mm? ? 
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Wine Glass 335ml (Hire Item)Wine Glass 335ml (Hire Item)
Height: 188.5 mm,
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Champagne Flute 190ml  (Hire Item)Champagne Flute 190ml (Hire Item)
Height: 190mm
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Champagne Saucer 125mlChampagne Saucer 125ml
Height: 108mm
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Sherry/Port  50mlSherry/Port 50ml
Height: 86mm
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Shot Glass 30mlShot Glass 30ml
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All Purpose Nobbler  255ml All Purpose Nobbler 255ml
Height: 110mm
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Hi Ball Nobbler  255mlHi Ball Nobbler 255ml
Height: 145mm
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Whisky Nobbler  225mlWhisky Nobbler 225ml
Height: 82mm
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Martini Cocktail  (Hire Item)Martini Cocktail (Hire Item)
Height: 142mm   125ml
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Margarita Cocktail (Hire Item)Margarita Cocktail (Hire Item)
Height: 155mm  125ml
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Poco Grande Cocktail (Hire Item)Poco Grande Cocktail (Hire Item)
Height: 175mm  250ml
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Beer Jugs (acrylic )  1137ml  (2 pint) Beer Jugs (acrylic ) 1137ml (2 pint)


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Beer Jugs  (glass ) 1137ml (2 pint)Beer Jugs (glass ) 1137ml (2 pint)


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Water Jugs (glass) 1250mlWater Jugs (glass) 1250ml

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Carafe - one litreCarafe - one litre

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